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“And MORE!”

The most effective in home product on the market today to lower your
risk from the shock of un-expected water damage.

Water damage is #1 cause for Insurance claims Insurance statistics show one out of every four
Homes in the U.S. will suffer significant water damages losses associated with piping leaks, supply line ruptures, appliance failures, improper connections and clogged drain overflows! also Winter in Northwest is here, those new and old corroded pipes are going to freeze, split then thaw gushing water. How long will those pipes last?
Get prepared, you could be wishing you had a warning!
– = Rising claim costs! – Higher deductibles! – Multiple claims! – Policy cancellation! = –

In 2015 Insurance companies paid out $24 billion in Water Damage Claims, mostly preventable!
The insurance industry identifies our “WaterCop” as a qualified “WHOLE HOME WATER SECURITY SYSTEM”.
Insurers are now recommending and some are requiring homeowners to install a
“Whole Home Water Security System” in order to renew their annual homeowner’s policy therefore
lowering the owner’s risk of cancellation from preventable water damage!


Owner’s personal smart device controlWi-fi lets you stay in control with push button water On/Off feature and receive “Valve Closed” alerts when water is detected by a sensorWhether you are at work, home or away on vacation,….”My water just turned off!”